National Naval Artillery Gun

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National Naval Artillery Gun
OperationAir defense
Surface warfare
Land bombardment
Pulse Rate80 pulse/dk (maks)
Ready to Throw80 piece
Weight (empty)7500 kg
Drisa Limit±360° (With Slip Ring)
Altitude Limit-15°/+85°
Drisa Speed / Acceleration60-65°/s / 72°/s²
Altitude Velocity / Acceleration35-40°/s / 72°/s²
Range16 km (standart ammo) 20 km (with extended range ammunition)
Cupola (turret)Radar cross-sectional area reduced
Barrel CoolingSea Water (Wash with fresh water)
Power Requirement440V, 3 Faz, 60Hz

115V, 2 Faz, 60Hz