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SR10 and SR 10 ST Gas Mask
Standard NumberAr-Ge and Tekno. D.2003-1/NBC and ENC.1 , TS 8861
Protection Designed for use by military, civil defense, police and emegency personel in toxic enviroments, potentially contamined with Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nucleer (CBRN) agents
Natural rubber
Weight680-800 g
AssemblyIt is suitable to be used with any gas mask via a connection screw compliant with TS EN 148-1 standard, quality of their respiration resistance and other features are compliant with the NATO and European Standards
Temperature Test (ºC)-30 ± 2 / +50 ± 2
Glass and Sound FeaturesPolycarbonat glass with antistratch, antifog and high impact strength features. Provides easy sound transmission.
Head Strap Natural rubber and six point harness
Shelf Life10 years
Aerosol Tightness% 0.003 max.
ImpermeabilityCBRN Gas tests and flow resistance tests
Visual Field-
Çift oküler görme açısımin. 15 %
Dik görme açısımin. 40%
Yatay görme açısımin. 70%
DimensionIt's inserted to a box with dimensions of 25x20x15 cm.
Gas Mask and Canister Carrier / BagIt is designed to carry 1 gas mask and 2 canister with vacuum package and waterproof bag
Drinking Tube SystemIt's only available on the SR 10 ST type gas mask

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